Devils Tower in Wyoming with jets flying by…amazing.

Day 5 of the road trip.

Left the Arbuckle Lodge in Wyoming. It was a nice hotel, but the beds were too hard, not difficult, but hard.

I mailed my son his postcard from the hotel, hope it makes it to him before I get home.  Beth and I put in our business cards to win a free night at the Arbuckle.  Not sure I would fly out to stay there for a free night, but you never know, I may be heading this way again sooner rather than later.

We stopped at Walmart for creamer and squirt.  I hate Walmart and I usually don’t shop there, but damn it’s hard to find stores that will sell a 12 pack of squirt.  Didn’t think it would be that difficult.

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Sign outside one of the bars in Deadwood South Dakota

We tried to go see the Eagle Butte Coalmine but when we rolled up to the gate in Ron Burgandy they told us we needed to turn around, go back into town, buy tour tickets, get on a tour bus and then, only then could we get to see the coalmine.  Too much work.  We decided to head over to Devils Tower.

Just outside of town we stopped for gas and some food.  The lady at the deli reminded me of our hotel clerk in Deer Lodge, Kathy.  She was not a happy person.  I asked her if she had jojo’s and she looked at me and snarled, “No, I don’t even know what those are.”  I looked at her and softly said, “they are potatoes.”  She looked at me and said, “We have seasoned potato wedges…”  I smiled and said, ok, I’d like some of those.   After that it was all about calling me sweetheart and apologizing they were taking so long to cook.  I told her it was ok, I was on vacation and had all the time in the world.  Sometimes you just have to be nice to people even if they are not nice to you.

It didn’t take us long to get to Devils Tower.  We pulled over with the other tourists and we were honored by being able to witness jets flying by Devils Tower in formation.  It was amazing.   Absolutely amazing.   And of course we needed to stop at the gift shop down the road, where we contributed to tourism.

Around 4:30 pm we arrived in Deadwood.  Great little town.  We stayed at the Marriott, another nice hotel.  It was fancy shmancy, and within walking distance to downtown.  So we thought.  It was hot!  Somewhere between boob sweat and satan’s anus hot…so hot.

Once we arrived downtown we watched a shootout on main street from a rooftop bar, we ate in a little pub and then we made it to the only bar in town that had live music.  It was a great band.  The lead singer, who was our age, grabbed his stool, sat down on the dance floor and sang “Wanted, dead or alive” by Bon Jovi!  I felt like I was in high school again.  The lead singer lost her voice completely about half way through the second set.

We met a couple from Canada who has their own band called Daisy Chain.  Great name!  I’m now following them on Facebook.  Everyone should check them out!  They are from Manitoba Canada.  She got up and sang a song too, and she rocked it!  I gave her one of my blog bumper stickers as well.  Great people.  Martin, Dana and Beth left early and I stayed with the couple from Canada until the bar closed.  Then I went out to main street and hailed a cab.   Passed an older couple being arrested for driving drunk.  Not good.  Especially since I only paid $7 for a cab…well worth the money!

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