I have made some progress on the trailer over the last couple of weeks! I’m so excited that it’s starting to look like I have imagined it in my mind!

Safety is number one!

Here is the before and after pictures of cutting off the kitchen counter that was over the bed.

Yep, not that straight, but it’s nothing a little wall and trim won’t fix!

Next I had to re-seal the roof so we don’t get any leaks!

Then I got a notice from the city…move the trailer off the street. Sigh. Dang it. I called the city and they were really nice, but they said I still can not have my trailer on the street anymore.

So I hooked up the truck to the trailer and backed into our crazy crooked drive way. I did it in one shot and I then patted myself on my back. Damn I was good at backing that up…at least that day I was.

Then my cousin helped me level it and put those little tripod things underneath the corners to help keep it sturdy. And with wheel chalks in front of both tires it holds itself really well in place.

While I’ve been working on the trailer the neighborhood kids have been riding their bikes and asking questions about what I’m doing to the trailer. One of them even asked to walk Parley…I said yes.

Look at that smile!

Then I turned my attention to some water damage. I pulled off the damaged paneling and replaced it with new. I have not glued on the pieces yet, so they look a little cock eyed in the picture.

What’s next?

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! Then I will be able to start painting! Primer first, then the paint! Stay tuned!!

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2 thoughts on “Workin’ on the trailer…

  1. You should put a piece of counter on a hinge, so you don’t lose counter space, but can still move it out of the way.

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