My parents bought the cabin in 2001. Best purchase they have ever made…ever.

My son and my nephew were 6 and 8, perfect ages for them to explore and experience beach life. My son used to collect rocks, shells, and drift wood, then setup a little stand on the beach and sold them to everyone who walked by. True story…and he made some good money doing it too! He got to know all of the neighbors and when my parents would see one of them, they would ask if they were my son’s grandparents.

When the boys were a little older they built a raft so they could play in the water…even if the water was 30 degrees. They also would sled down the hill past the cabin when it snowed…in a red wagon! No fear!

Now they use the cabin whenever they can. They bring their friends to enjoy the cabin and the beach. Kayaking is also something they both enjoy.

My brother doesn’t use the cabin much, but I do remember his best friend and his family enjoying it a few years ago. And my brother helps my dad work on the cabin when it needs some repairs or upgrades…I’m the lazy sister, but I have mowed the lawn a couple of times.

We have had family reunions at the cabin lots of times. So fun to have such a wide open yard, big deck and now a new lower deck to enjoy! Plus my aunt and uncle own a house one house over…so we have lots of room when it’s my mom’s side of the family celebrating!

I use the cabin quite a bit. I have cabin weekends with the Crew, with one of my besties and with my boyfriend. Lots of fun, laughs and adventures at the cabin.

And now Parley has had his first time at the cabin…he loves it!

The crew has come to the cabin with me the most. The crew is a group of women who all found each other when most of us were single and ready for some fun with the girls! We have been the crew for almost 10 years now. We love to relax, talk, laugh, cry and especially eat and drink!! Priceless moments. It’s our therapy. If the cabin walls could talk…

My parents use the cabin the most. They love to escape the real world and enjoy lounging, crabbing and sometimes dad even brings his sailboat over to use.

The beach is calling and I must go.

I’m not sure I can explain the feeling everyone gets when they are at the cabin, even if it’s just for one day. I do know that it is a place that calms everyone who walks through it’s doors. And when you arrive all you want to do is stay there until all of your stress and worries are gone…and more.

If I had to explain the cabin in one word, that word would be…utopia.

Please watch the video below which captures the essence of the cabin…

This video captures the essence of the cabin…
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