I have been trying to think of what to name my camper trailer since I got it. I don’t even know if its a girl or a boy yet either!

Some of the names I have been thinking about are names of past pets or family members. One of my favorite suggested name is Mike. It’s my dads name. It makes me chuckle to think of a trailer called Mike. Not because it makes fun of my dad, but it reminds me of when I meet people who name their pets people names. A few weeks ago my trainer, Parley and I were hiking at little mountain and we passed an older gentlemen and his little dog. The dog was off leash, but very well behaved. The dog stopped to sniff Parley and the dogs owner said, “Bob, let’s go.” It made me chuckle. And not because of my uncle Bob, but because it’s a persons name for a pet. I do have a female cat that I named Ted, which I think is equally funny.


I have even went back in my mind to think about relatives who have died, similar to how my dog Parley Wright got his name. My cousin Megan thought it would be cool to name him after our great grandpa. And she was right, it’s a great name for him!

Parley Wright

Maybe a book of what to call inanimate objects should be written. Similar to the baby names book. I remember when I was pregnant with my son and his dad and I had a deal. If it was a boy, he named him, and if it was a girl, I named her. I went through that baby book and read every single name in it. I loved the name Sidney Augustine. It felt right. But alas, we found out we were having a boy. His dad didn’t even read the baby name book, but as we were watching the credits of the movie Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino’s name rolled past and my sons dad said, that’s the name…Quentin. Perfect name for my son!

I have also thought about my favorite things…like daisies. The camper will be painted a dark dark muted grey and a very large daisy will be painted on it with the pedals wrapped around the trailer like it’s hugging it. I did think about naming it daisy, that may be one of the front runners, but I’m still not sold on it.

I have had lots of suggestions, but nothing seems to stick in my mind.

I’m about a month away before I’ll be able to take it on it’s maiden voyage to a nearby campground, hopefully I can name it before then!


Maybe I need to stay the night in it before I can truly know deep in my soul if it’s a girl or boy and what it’s name will be.

Either way, I’m sure that when I finally hear the name, then it will be perfect in my mind! Then I’ll be able to paint it’s name on it proudly…and maybe write a song about it!

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