no·​mad | \ ˈnō-ˌmad, British also ˈnä-\
Definition of nomad

1: a member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory. For centuries nomads have shepherded goats, sheep, and cattle across the … semiarid grasslands …— Discovery
2: an individual who roams about. He lived like a nomad for a few years after college, never holding a job in one place for very long.


I have always felt like a nomad, or a gypsy, take your pick. When I was three we moved to California for a year. My dad’s job took him there. Then the summer before sixth grade my family packed up and moved to our first logging camp, Little Naukati Bay, Alaska. My great uncle owned it, and needed a bookkeeper, and dad was a bookkeeper. We lived there until the summer before junior high, then moved further north to Hobart Bay, Alaska where we stayed for two years.

We moved back to Washington State just before my freshman year of high school. After high school I moved into my grandparents basement because I was only 17 when I graduated. Once I turned 18 I got my own apartment with a roommate. I moved around a lot after that. Many, many apartments.

Once I was married and had my son we purchased a house, and I stayed there for quite a while…until my divorce. After that, I moved around quite a bit more, and even to this day I’m still moving around.

I have always felt very restless if I’m in the same place for too long. Like I have felt the past month or so…RESTLESS.

And of course I needed to find out what causes and cures restlessness…so I went to the best resource I have, I googled it.

I found lots of ads for restless leg syndrome…that was not what I was looking for.

Then as I scrolled down further I found lots of articles about restlessness. It can be caused by not having a solid boundary between work and play, flight or fight mechanisms are off in our body or our thoughts are telling us that something is off in our life and something needs to be changed.

The articles said the cure for restlessness is the following: Meditation, Visualization, Exercise, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Alcohol…ok, the last one was mine.

I also have some ideas on how to cure restlessness…be a nomad.

I will be moving in a couple of weeks to our new rental house, and I have been working on getting the inside of my camping trailer painted. Plus, I will be taking the trailer to my parents house in a couple weeks and will get more progress done on it! Still restless.

I have also been working out with my trainer, and going on hikes and walks…but I’m thinking I need more.

My birthday month is coming up soon and I may just go somewhere for my birthday…Vegas sounds like a good place to get cured of restlessness. We will have to see how this plays out this year!!

Hopefully for my birthday month next year I will be a full time nomad…bye bye restlessness.

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