Yes, probably a little dramatic. But damn, I’ve been hoping and thinking about traveling like this for how many years?? And now…I’m currently outside my aunt and uncles house on the east side of Washington state with all that I own in my truck and trailer. Seems very surreal!!

Everyone has been so supportive! I couldn’t have done this without the help of my parents! They have helped me restore this old camper into a posh trailer with a chandelier!

Here is a short video of my drive out of Skagit County…

I am not sure the full impact of what I’m about to embark on has really set in yet.

Parley, Sidney and Murray did really well on the car ride today! They slept most the way.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking in my truck to have it looked at after it’s climb up the pass! It’s running ok, but it lost its gumption coming up that big hill!

What a whirlwind year…I’m going to go get some sleep!

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