January 2021

Ok, so maybe it was longer than six hours, but we did it in one day. Karen (the Hipcamp host) and I drove from Claxton over to the Atlantic coast. Specifically, Saint Simons Island and Jekyll Island, Georgia.

And boy did we take a tour!! It was awesome!

On the way towards the coast they have the coolest houses, and watering holes. Not sure why I love the watering holes so much…but I do. Ok, I do know why, it’s because the trees growing right out of the water and its home to gators. I love gators.

We first stopped at the oldest tree in Savannah. It was so cool. And of course I had to hug it…I am a tree hugger you know. The sign says it was standing there when our constitution was signed. I thought that was pretty cool. And I can’t stop talking about all the trees with that moss stuff hanging off of them. It looks so pretty to me.

On our drive to Saint Simons Island, we got hungry, so we decided to stop and eat lunch at a little town before going across the bridge to the island. The town was so cute, and the food was amazing! As was the beer. And at the edge of the little town was Neptune Park. The black birds were singing away on the dock, not a care in the world.

After lunch and walking on the dock we headed to Saint Simons Island. The drive was so awesome. Most the road was in between rows of old trees with moss hanging from them. Magical.

We stopped at the 1st Episcopal Church. Most churches over this way have cemeteries right next to them. There was a funeral going on at the church so we couldn’t go inside, but we were able to walk around the grounds and take pictures! The tombstones were all so different.

Next, we drove over to Jekyll Island. Loved that the islands were so close! We stopped at Driftwood Beach. It seems to be pretty popular since there were actually quite a few people on it. This beach has a lot of driftwood. And not just little pieces of driftwood, but huge trees and logs. It was very cool to see!

The Horton House was next. This house was so cool to walk into. It was a huge house built in 1743. It had more trails that you could walk down by the house, but we were on a mission to see as much as we could. Remember, six-hour tour.

Then it was off to see where J.P. Morgan, Joseph Pulitzer, William K. Vanderbilt, Marshall Field, and William Rockefeller vacationed every summer…and their houses are still there. But now it’s owned by the state and the houses are museums. Of course, we couldn’t go into the houses because it was all closed that day, but I was able to be a peeping Krista and I took pictures through the windows of the houses where they had left the drapes open. It was pretty cool! The houses were all in the same neighborhood, but not too close. I can just imagine spending summers there and having the freedom to run around to each house. And I’ve included more of the pictures I took of the magical trees there. Love them.

We walked around the park until it was almost dusk, then we decided to head back to Claxton. But first we had to stop midway for a beer and some food! Brunswick was a fun little town!

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