January 2021

After the amazing festivities were over, I was back to solo traveling again, and realized that I could finally get the fuck out of Florida! It was so spendy, and the drivers are HORRIBLE…but I digress.

It was difficult to find places to stay on my evacuation of the state of Florida, but I did find a campground called Road Runner Travel Resort; loved the name, and it looked safe!

I was not disappointed! Parley, Sydney and Murray absolutely loved it! Because I was only there for three nights they gave me one of their deluxe sites! It came with patio furniture and a chiminea…fancy!

It looked like there were many people that called this resort their homes, but it was really clean. The people across from my site fed squirrels and those white birds I like. Every day they were out there.

It was good because then the cats had something to watch as they laid out in our mini lawn on their leashes. That was until the squirrels made their way over to the trees in our campsite. Boy did they hate the cats, and even the dog. They would yell and scream at them and came pretty darn close. The cats just looked at them with a look saying, ‘come just a little closer and I’ll make you stop screamin’, but the squirrels seemed smarter than that.

I even made a video about it:

On the second day we were there an awesome gal came walking over into my campsite admiring my vintage trailer. She was so awesome, and she had a vintage trailer of her own!

She was traveling with her hubby heading south, as I was heading north. We exchanged digits so we could keep in touch. We wanted to caravan with both our trailers as her husband had to go back to their boat and she would be traveling alone. So cool!

I had a great time at this campground. Got showered, laundry done and even bought more beer at the little store all within the campground.

We left early on January 8th…here we come Georgia!

We stopped for a quick overnighter in Kingsland GA at a KOA. It was nice; wet and rainy, but the campground was nice. Parley absolutely loved the dog park, it was huge and it had a fire hydrant.

Lots of people stopped to talk to me because of two reasons: cats outside on the picnic table, and my vintage trailer. Such nice people. One guy was telling me that his friends just bought a retro trailer that looked sort of like mine, but they already had to take it back twice because it kept breaking. He said they just don’t make them like they used to.

Woke up early and headed to a farm I found on Hipcamp in Claxton, Georgia; Bliss Hills RV Sites. I was going to be there for 15 glorious days! They had full hookups and the pictures looked awesome! Plus they had a really old cabin that had a shower in it…score!

As I drove up to the farm, I couldn’t help but notice the paved road turned into clay…soft clay. My truck and trailer did well though, just a few little slips and slides. And lots of water holes…Parley was watching for gators for me.

As I pulled into the property I knew that I was already going to love it! I was met first by Ava the farm dog. Parley was so excited to see a dog that he could play with!

Next the farm owner, Mike came and showed me where to setup. It was a very cool spot, just above the lake…perfect spot.

After getting set up, and eating dinner, the other farm owner, Karen knocked on my trailer door with freshly baked bread and an egg from their chickens. So yummy!!!

The next morning I woke up early and took Parley out for a walk around the pond. Ava the farm dog came with us. Such a sweet dog.

The farm was so awesome! Here are some pictures I took around the farm while on our morning, and afternoon walks. Also check out the cats on their walks as well! They were so happy!

Mike and Karen invited me over for dinner one of the nights I was there. Pizza, wine and I even got to play a really cool pilot game! I didn’t even crash…the second time I tried it. Plus, Mike makes the most beautiful custom jewelry! Also, not sure why I was so surprised by this, but Karen and I went into town for lunch at one of the yummy local diners and they serve their soda’s (not pop) in Styrofoam cups…just like Texas too. I guess living in Washington made me now realize that just Washington state is not using Styrofoam. hahaha.

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