Finally the day was here when we would begin our assault on Florida! The K sisters ride again…with our guys.

We headed back over to Kara’s hotel room to wait until we could check into our hotel in downtown West Palm Beach.

We walked the beach and enjoyed some cocktails. It was so nice out, a little windy, but at least it was warm!

Finally it was time to check into our hotel…the Hyatt! It was a nice hotel, but when we arrived our room was not ready yet. We understood and told the front desk we would just wait in the bar and to let us know when it was ready. An hour or so passed, without us even knowing it because we were having fun, and our room was finally ready. We were given a bar credit because we were so patient when waiting for our room, and the front desk clerk said he appreciated us not yelling at him. I’m just going to leave that right there…not yelling at him. People, be nice to people please!

We really appreciated the bar credit, and went up to check into our room. It was nice! The pets loved it too!

Parley wasn’t so sure about the elevator though…

It was officially Kara’s birthday that day, so we of course took her out for her birthday dinner!! It was amazing!! Awesome company, awesome food and awesome drinks! They even sang her Happy Birthday at the restaurant!

The next day Kara and I went for our new years eve pedicures at an amazing place downtown! After a nice lunch with our guys of course…leaving them to pay the tab!

As we were relaxing in our spa chairs, getting our pedicures, sippin’ wine, some crazy guy came in and disrupted things…immensely.

He walked up to one of the ladies working there and put his finger to her head in the shape of a gun and told her that he was with the russian mafia. We just looked at him like…ummm, what??? Then he proceeded to grab a large glass vase that was on the counter and throw it on the ground and shattered it into little pieces.

I yelled at him and told him he needed to leave, that we were going to call the cops. Kara yelled at him and almost jumped out of her chair to tackle him, but it would have messed up her toenail polish. Then all of the women in the place told him to leave, and one of the other patrons called the police. The guy was chased out of the shop, with the door being locked after him. Then he proceeded to come back and try to get in again, but the door was locked. Police were called again. Then, one of the ladies was coming to the door for her appointment and they unlocked the door to let her in and the crazy guy ran from down the street and pushed his way back into the shop. By this time we were all ready to knock this fucker out. He left again and soon after the cops showed up. They had been getting complaints from shops up and down the street, and they were hot on his trail. The shop owner trespassed him from ever coming in the shop again, and then the cops were out trying to chase the guy down. Lil’ excitement to get our adrenaline going!! What a story we were going to tell when we went back to meet the guys at the room! If anyone is in the area and wants an amazing pedicure, this is the place to go!!!! Reasonably priced, and amazing staff!

Once that was over, (thank god that our pedicures were pretty much done before the mayhem begin), we walked back to our hotel room to get ready for new years eve out on the town!!!

We dolled ourselves up and headed out onto the streets of West Palm Beach! It was so much fun! We went to two different bars, then ended up buying table service at the last bar we went to. Our table was out on the street, where we got to see all the goings’ on that was happening! Here is a photo montage, which does not include all of the party people in the streets peeing in the streets, falling in the lovely landscape while trying to pee, peeing in the alley’s, peeing in doorways to businesses; all on our walk back to the hotel room. Of course we did not partake in any of these things…we were perfect angels that night. (quit laughing)

The next morning was a little rough, but we managed to check out on time, and then head to our next destination. An amazing AirBnB that Kara found in West Palm Beach, just a little south of the Hyatt. It had it’s own pool. Let me say that again…it’s own freaking pool…in the backyard! It was an amazing place. Too bad we were only there for one night.

Then it was off to the Keys! Kara again found an amazing place right on the water with a pool! It was a townhouse, and was so awesome! She made some smoothies for us to drink down by the pool, which was down by the water. Smoothies with vodka and rum in them of course.

On our drive through the keys we all stopped at a very cool place for lunch. Here we parted ways with Kara and her hubby, Darin.

We stopped at a place where we thought we could go down to the water close to the restaurant, but we were wrong…dang. But we took pictures anyway!

We stopped at Miami Beach for a quick wade and swim in the water. Parley wasn’t so sure about it.

Then it was back to the trailer for one more night before my love was flying back home, and I was going to continue my journey…north.

It was so nice to get to share my journey with amazing friends! Thank you all for the fun times!

And if you are wondering about the many many stories of our New Years Eve fun, just wait, it will be in the CREW sitcom for sure…or should I say, loosely based on the stories… 😉

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