January 2021

So, one thing that I have not had the absolute pleasure of experiencing where I lived in the Pacific Northwest was ticks. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they have them in eastern Washington. I even got Lymes disease while camping in Conconully (aka eastern Washington) around 2001. But I have never owned a dog or had a dog where there were ticks…until now.

I kept finding these little rolled up things that looked like little burrs, but without the sticky barbs on them. I found a few in my bed…ugh. So I did what any one would do in that situation…GTS (googled that shit). Well they were rolled up tick sacks of eggs. OMG But since it was winter they didn’t hatch yet; all 5 billion of them in each of those sacks.

Then while inside the trailer I saw a live tick looking thing on Parley and I freaked out! I tried to get it off of him with tweezers so I could flush the little bug. Well, it didn’t turn out so well.

I uploaded the video on my TikTok account (WildDaisyProductions)…let’s just say it didn’t go well.

Here’s the video proof:

So I immediately called my vet back home and they said that I should order some stuff from 1 800 petmeds so I could get them delivered to me.

And two days and $800 later Parley, Murray and Sydney were saved from ticks!! Woohooo!

But I wasn’t…I found one on my leg while laying on top of my bed and I freaked just like Parley did. I jumped up and ran outside and flicked the tick off of me. Crisis averted. But for the rest of the time I was in Georgia I was on high alert for ticks!

Now that I got that straightened out, let’s talk about this bar gig I got!

Well, Mike and Karen (the place I was staying at) had a friend, Sandy. He was over one of the nights we all had dinner or drinks or both. He works every Saturday morning at a bar in Savannah to help his friend out. And since it’s always been on my bucket list to work in a bar (yeah I know, weird) Sandy asked if I wanted to come check it out on Saturday morning. I obviously said hell yeah!! In my mind I obviously said fuck yes…but I had to watch my swearing.

So at dark o’thirty on Saturday morning I was picked up at my trailer and we drove about an hour or so east to Savanah. Beautiful city, if you ever get a chance to spend some time there…do it!

The bar I got the privilege of helping out at is called Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub & Grill.

When we arrived at the bar it was time to work. We need to get things cleaned, stocked and ready for the day.

I wiped down all the tables and chairs, swept and mopped the floor. The bar has amazingly cool wood floors.

It was fun! Then it was time to get everything stocked behind the bar. There were different types of beers that I have never even heard of…and I’m a beer drinker.

Then it was time to get a tour of the place!! The bar is in a very cool old building in downtown Savanah. They have a ton of Scottish Whiskey…I didn’t try any of that, but I did try a few of the beers on tap once the bar opened. yummmmmm. So good! I also had to pretend to pour some beers from the tap…but I did NOT do it. Isn’t it against the law? I never break the law. (quit laughing people)

Here’s some pictures of what the inside of the bar looks like.

And what’s even cooler is that they have patches up on the wall behind the bar…and I found some from Washington State…at least I think they are.

It was an amazing day. I had so much fun! Thank you Sandy for allowing me to cross something off my bucket list!!!!

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