It was December 28th and we were off to Hollywood…nope, not that one, the one in Florida. I paid a very high amount of money for one night in southern Florida. The site was awesome, the staff was awesome, but dang Florida, you are making a lot of money off of those that want to RV in the southern part of your state.

It was a very nice KOA called, you guessed it, Hollywood KOA. It had a nice little patio with furniture and a bbq. It was finally sunny and warm! Not hot, but warm. It was nice! The pets loved it too!

That night I took Parley for a walk. The night sky and the full moon were amazing!! Even Parley loved looking at it, at least that’s what I was hoping he was looking at!

Next day it was back up north to stay at a hipcamp location I found that was affordable…finally! They offered electricity for the trailer, and a safe place to stay on their property! It was perfect! And close to town, and all the excitement!

At the hipcamp they had a really cool pond…with fish and turtles! The owner said I could feed them, so of course I did! The turtles got used to seeing me walk up to feed them! And yep…they loved cat food!

Finally it was December 29th, my K sister had arrived in West Palm Beach. Kara (k sister) and her hubby arrived at their hotel and texted me letting me know which room they were in! We put the pets securely in the trailer and headed towards the beach where their hotel was.

It was really windy at the hotel, but so nice! We were only there to visit for a few hours and have a drink or two with them. The next day is when we would begin our assault on Florida! Woohoooo…

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