Well, not really homeless…

I’m finally fulfilling my long time dream of moving into a camping trailer and traveling around the USA! woohooo!!

I will be leaving on my adventure on September 1st of this year (2020). I plan to travel for at least a year. I want to really work on my writing, to finish some of my books, and I have a few screenplays in the works too! Not to mention seeing the country…and spreading my wings.

Thanks mostly to my mom and dad, my camper is road ready, and has been updated! (Here’s a sneak peek, but I will post a video and some pictures of all of the before and after soon!) My parents and I will be finishing up the table tomorrow. I designed a map that we will be pouring epoxy over…fingers crossed on this project!

And thanks to my roomie my truck wiring has been redone, it has also passed all it’s tests at the mechanics to be road ready, and now I’m going to go look at a hard top for my truck bed that locks so I can haul stuff without people being able to steal it easily! Notice I said easily…

To say that I’m excited is an understatement…I’m over excited to be living my dream in 1 month, 8 days, 5 hours, 8 minutes and 6 seconds! Yep, I have a countdown app!

One question I have gotten a lot when people know that I’m actually leaving and it’s not just me talking about ‘when’ I go is the question of security. Do I have a concealed weapons permit, how many guns am I taking? Well, not sure I can take guns across so many state lines…but I will have some bear spray and a small dog who will attack, he is part chihuahua you know! Plus my son gave me a bat when he left for the Marines, I can swing a good bat!

I have also adopted two kittens who will also be on the road with me and my dog Parley. They love being in the car, and they don’t mind too much wearing their harnesses and leashes. They are adventure cats for sure! And Parley loves them, they all wrestle and play.

The first week of August I will take out the camper to a nearby state park for a test run. I’ll be there for 3 nights and 4 days! I’ll have all the animals with me too, and my air conditioner!!

I have been downsizing, downsizing, downsizing! I will be storing a small amount of my keepsakes at my parents house, but everything else will be given away or sold, and I mean everything! I plan to have a garage sale next month, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to because of the pandemic. If not, facebook market place and goodwill here I come!

The other question I get is, “where are you going first? then where? then where?”

I have an awesome app called RoadTrippers that I have been putting my proposed route into, once I get that straight I’ll post a picture of it. I do know my first stop will be to Wenatchee to see my cousin, and swim in my aunts pool. Then down through Oregon and into California to see my son. So if any of my friends out there are willing to let me stop and visit on my way thru, please let me know!

After that I’m thinking Joshua Tree, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, Texas, and if the weather cooperates…New Orleans for Christmas!

Then Florida, then when the snow leaves, I can head north…all the way up to Maine. New York, Pittsburg, Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis, Nebraska…the list goes on and on!

Where will I stay?

I have joined Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts. Both are amazing! You pay a low yearly fee and then you are able to utilize all of the locations for no charge.

Boondockers Welcome has regular people offering up their driveway, the curb in front of their house or even a cement slab on their property to people passing through their area in campers, RVs, etc. Some hosts offer amenities like water, power, their pool, use of their washer and dryer; some hosts just offer a safe place to stay for the night. Both of these will be very welcomed by me!

Harvest Hosts is wineries, distilleries, breweries, ranches and farms that allow campers, RV’s, etc to stay one night at their property. Typically there is no hookups, but it’s a safe place to sleep for the night…and it’s like having a winery, distillery or brewery next door! I may need more storage for my alcohol purchases…

I can also stay for no charge on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land for up to two weeks. State Parks are inexpensive and any base my son is stationed is inexpensive!

Plus, I do have friends and family around the country that have offered a safe place for me to stay too!

Stay tuned for more about my adventures!!!

*Sorry about the other post that was sent out today that looked like garble…my site was having problems and I needed someone to fix it for me. If you clicked on the link, it’s ok, I wasn’t hacked 🙂

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17 thoughts on “I’ll be homeless soon…

  1. Krista, we will miss you. Please if you feel at all uncomfortable at any of the places of strangers, leave immediately! I am jealous of you but also a little scared. Please be careful! You have to let us know now and then how you are doing, ok? We love love love you. Try to stop by before you leave, ok?

    1. I will miss you guys too! I will for sure stop by before I leave, and yes, I will be extra careful! You know how paranoid I am, so I’ll make sure to listen to my gut and not worry about offending people if I leave someplace I feel unsafe at. Love you too!!!!

  2. Wow! SUPER exciting! Sounds like a great adventure! Have SO MUCH FUN. Who am I kidding, I know you will! I look forward to the updates!

  3. I am truly excited for you!!!! I am kinda jealous also! What a great adventure. I can’t wait to read, look at pictures, and just enjoy your messages about your travels! What a great camper. To have your best friends with you is amazing. Always fun running into you. I will miss that (Even tho it didn’t happen often).Love you school friend, Stay safe my friend. ???

  4. I am so excited for you Krissy ☺☺ be safe and I cant wait to hear about all your adventures !

  5. YAY! It is almost here. I am so excited for you K Sis and yes a bit jealous. You can bet I will meet meet up with you throughout your travels. I am glad that you have your four legged friends to bring along with you for company. They sure got lucky with you for a mom!
    I believe you can also stay at Casino parking lots for free. There is one on the ocean in Ocean Shores you should hit up. Love you K Sis! My heart and mind is always with you and only a call or text away.

  6. Just thought of you today. Reading this makes me so happy for you. You’re doing it! Be safe! I’ll always care….

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